Interested in offering mailboxes to your customers?

If you own a hardware or outdoor-focused store, we would love to add you to our family!

We offer free shipping with an order of 12 mailboxes to anyone within a 100-mile radius of our shop. You can mix plastic and concrete, or purchase one or the other. If you are further than that and still want to order, you can either pick them up at our shop yourself or send a truck to get them. Check out our full deliveries & pick ups policy here.

What sets our mailboxes apart and makes them great sellers is that they do not require any digging. All of our mailboxes are free-standing and easy to install. They work perfectly for winter months when the ground is frozen, are convenient and fast for when you need a new mailbox ASAP, and great for elderly customers.

The plastic mailboxes work great in a store display with play sand to fill them, so you can sell the mailbox and the filling simultaneously. The concrete mailboxes can be purchased without boxes if you want to install your own in your store or sell them as a separate piece if you offer the box part in your store already.

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